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Malik Muhammad Iqbal & Company, established in the year 1968, is proud to be the leaders in the trading of a wide variety of imported as well as locally manufactured Steels. Malik Muhammad Iqbal & Company as been supplying steels for more than thirty years for the manufacture of sophisticated items.

Malik Muhammad Iqbal & Co

Our clientele include names like the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, NDC (National Development Complex), SES (Special Engineering Services), AWP (Air Weapon Complex) Daud Sons Armors, PEL (Pak Elektron Limited), Waves (Cool Industries Pvt. Ltd.)TIP (Telephone Industries of Pakistan), Syed Engineers, Syed Bhais, Supreme Engineering, Manan Shahid Forgings Ltd, Treet Corporation, Service Industries Ltd, Ravi Autos, Malik Paper Board, Super Asia, Master Tiles, Faisal Sanitary Fitting Industries, Sonex Sanitary & Sonex Metal Industries, a number of Electrical appliance manufacturers including Royal Fans, G.F.C Fans, Metro Fans, Pak Fans, and a host of other important manufacturers.

Our Message

Your profitability is highly dependent on the quality of your tools and machines. If a small part fails, it can often bring an entire installation to a halt. The more carefully the material is adapted to the demands, the more efficient the entire system becomes.

We offer steel with precisely defined properties, tailored to your needs, in outstanding quality that can be reliably reproduced at any time. Take advantage of the experience of our materials specialists, who can team-up with you to select or develop the optimum steel right in the planning phase and are available to provide you with competent advice and technical support at all times.


To be the number one brand in our chosen fields and to be recognized as one of the most prestigious organizations evoking pride of ownership by offering unmatched quality products.


To benefit society at large – by supplying Strength, Standard and Quality in terms of Steel, and to generate sustained surplus, with pride in ethical values.

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  1. Rashid minhas

    Fsl 322 what u say about this material kindly guide me i think this one is use for a gears menufacturing

  2. Muhammad Suhail

    We ALPHA are engaged in manufacturing different parts for PAF. Our firm is in Peshawar near your client Daud Sons Armory.
    We are seeking for supplier who can provide materials confirming our specifications. If you have metallurgist, please direct with us for for the selection of materials,

    Profound regards


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